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How to book

All services are by appointment only and bookable by phone, email or facebook.  You can also complete the consultation form online and Laurie will contact you directly to discuss the details of your appointment.

Prices vary depending on your individual requirements, with waxing starting at £8 and Holistic Face and treatments averaging £35 per hour.


Booking your treatment can be tough when you’re spoiled for choice, so here is a brief description to help you decide.

Indian Head Massage

This deeply relaxing acupressure massage is performed on your head, neck and shoulders with perfectly warmed essential oils which are drizzled over your back, crown and brow easing and soothing you into the bed, helping you to drift off. Relieving migraines, symptoms of depression and anxiety whilst balancing your chakras, an Indian Head Massage will not disappoint and can even promote new hair growth.

60 MINUTES | £35

Ear Candles (Hopi Ear candles)

Ear Candles are hollow tubes made from fabric which are soaked in wax, either bees wax, soy wax or paraffin wax. One end of the tube is placed into your ear and the other end is lit. Contrary to popular belief, ear candling does not draw out ear wax, but the heat and the crackle from the candle can help soften and break down ear wax. Ear Candle Therapy is a very soothing and calming treatment which can also help relieve tinnitus, clear sinuses, soothe headaches and sore throats. Also great for frequent flyers before and after flights.

60 MINUTES | £35


Performed on the feet, this deep, pressure point therapy works over the meridian lines and is based on the principle that each line is connected to specific points and organs in your body.  Reflexology can be used to treat a whole range of conditions and ailments, cleansing the body of toxins and clearing the mind to promote an overall healing effect.

60 MINUTES | £35


Reiki is an energy healing and balancing therapy which offers a “no hands” therapy or at the very least provides minimal contact between client and therapist.  Bringing harmony and balance to your mind, body and soul, Reiki can offer an all round healing experience, completely calming and intensely relaxing.  Balancing the body’s natural healing system and endocrine system and clearing the chakras.

60 MINUTES | £35

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are made of energy.  Humans are made of energy.  Everything around us is energy and when we go about our day, we create vibrations in our bioenergetic field, we send ripples out.  Crystals do the same.  So when our energy is out of balance and running low, we can recharge this by using crystals to help bring us back into alignment.  As a standalone treatment, crystals are specifically selected and placed on, around and under the body/bed to help attract certain frequencies.  You will be guided through a meditation to help boost your energy field and specific needs.  Crystals can also be added to a Reiki treatment if you choose.

60 MINUTES | £35

Life Coaching

Individual sessions or block bookings. 

Coaching can be used to gain a deeper understanding of self, goals, dreams, relationships and so much more.  Each session is very different and tailored to the individual.  We can work together to identify areas in your life that you wish to transform and each session offers an opportunity for you to transform yourself. 

Price starting at £45

Bioresonance Healing

Biresonance uses a device to measure your bioenergetic field frequencies to identify deficiencies and disorders and dis-ease. The machine is then used to balance those frequencies bringing healing and positive energy. These programmes can be scheduled for distance healing as well as in person healing.

Price and duration varies

Bioresonance Healing

Biresonance uses a device to measure your bioenergetic field frequencies to identify deficiencies and disorders and dis-ease. The machine is then used to balance those frequencies bringing healing and positive energy. These programmes can be scheduled for distance healing as well as in person healing.

Price and duration varies


Massage is a deeply relaxing therapy which offers a variety of benefits from destressing, to energising depending on the type of massage performed. Simply Scentered offer over 6 different types of massage which can be provided as a full body treatment which includes, back, neck, shoulder, legs and arms, or if youre not fussy about your legs, it can be given just as a back, neck and shoulders treatment. Choose the following depending on your needs.

30/60 MINUTES | £25/£35


One of the most common massage choices with varying pressure and techniques, easing tired muscles and soothing aching bodies. 

Deep Tissue

DT uses deeper pressure techniques to treat musculoskeletal issues such as strains and injuries.  Working on the deeper layer muscles breaking down adhesions and realigning tissue fibers.


There is a common misconception that people who have cancer or have had cancer can’t have a massage and although training in college teaches us that cancer is a contraindication, this is not entirely true.  There are however lots of guidelines to follow and adjustments to put in place to ensure the safety of the client.  Oncology massage provides an incredibly beneficial treatment to someone who simply wants to be treated the same as anyone else and in a setting that is sterile but not cold.  Thats what you will get with this treatment.

Hot Thai Compress

The Compress contains a combination of herbs tightly bound and steamed until piping hot. The Compress is then pressed, pounded and smoothed over the body to stimulate the senses and organs.


Essential oils are blended together to provide a tailored approach to your healing and then using slow, sweeping, fluid movements, they are massaged into your body. A gentle medative approach to your massage.

Hot Stones

Volcanic basalt stones are heated in a water bath and the therapist will use them to provide an incredibly warming massage.  Hot Stones retain their heat, making them an excellent choice for providing a deep massage without the deep pressure.  Cold Stones are sometime used to contrast the healing. 

Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage works by using different sized hollow bamboo canes on the body. The bamboo cane is able to provide a deeper, firmer massage, and is rolled over the muscle with the similar strokes as would be used with hands or hot stones.

FULL BODY £45 | BACK £32

Pregnancy Massage

Pre and Post natal massage is a hands-on massage provided during or after pregnancy whereby additional supports and techniques are used which are more accommodating to bumps and tummies.

60 MINUTES | £35


There are 3 types of Facials available depending on the time you have and your specific requirements.  Each Facial can be tailored for all skin types and conditions and Eve Taylor professional products are used throughout.

Holistic Facial

Includes eye and lip cleanse, precleanse, prescriptive cleanser, exfoliation, non setting mask, toner and moisturiser.  Rose quartz or jade Crystals are used throughout.

45 MINUTES | £28

Ultrasonic Facial

As with the Holistic Facial, however the ultrasonic wand is utilised instead of crystals to draw grime and dirt from the skin, exfoliate deeper and also to help push mask, serums and moisturiser deeper into the skin.

60 MINUTES | £35

Prescriptive Facial

As with the Holistic Facial, using specific treatment serums and gels, setting mask and moisturers. 

90 MINUTES | £45